Asset Recoveries International, Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Unclaimed Funds Retrieval Service in Chicago, IL

Once we determine the viability of a case, our genealogists and legal researchers comb countless databases, public records, historical and contemporary archives, and directories to locate heirs.  When necessary, we utilize the services of foreign researchers – we belong to an international network of lawyers and genealogists that specialize in locating missing heirs.  Once we ascertain that there is a direct relationship between the asset and those who are entitled to it, we contact the beneficiaries and send them an agreement which authorizes us to proceed on their behalf.

Our fee is payable if, and only if, clients receive their money. If we are unsuccessful in collecting assets, no payment, whatsoever, is due.

When we have a signed agreement, our professional researchers collect all the data necessary to support the claim in a court of law.  This includes such documents as obituaries, death certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, church documentation, immigration and citizenship documents, and census records.  Our legal team presents this data along with an Affidavit of Heirship which we prepare.

If proof is established in Court, orders are entered which declare the correct heirs and direct the release of funds to them.

Fees are payable only when clients receive their money.  We do NOT ask for money up front.  The fee is a sum equal to 1/3 of whatever is actually collected.  This includes all costs and legal fees of ARI's selected attorney.  Clients do NOT pay any other money than the stated fee.

A Court Order is usually required to obtain the release of funds.  Our clients, of course, may retain an attorney of their own choosing or may authorize ARI to engage an attorney on their behalf.  In the latter situation, ARI pays the attorney out of its fee.  The attorneys that we use are specialist in the area of probate law and asset recovery and have extensive experience in presenting our clients’ cases to the court.  In any event, we encourage our potential clients to have their own attorneys review our agreement.

Once we have entered into an agreement with heirs, we handle every step of the recovery process, from dealing with government officials to presenting the case in a court of law.  We provide all legal and genealogical services required to successfully claim the asset.  Rarely are clients required to be present during court proceedings.

We work as quickly as possible to recover an asset, but how fast the process moves forward is also dependent on our clients.  Asset recovery requires a team effort and we  need cooperation to complete and return all documents promptly so we can move forward.